Musikk i Innlandet

Musikk I Innlandet

Creating, strengthening & producing

We are a government funded organisation located in the Innland municipality in Norway. We work with and for music and musicians in our region. Musikk I Innlandet (MII) follow the music industry closely and work to promote musicians in our productions in all relevant media. We work to support and encourage musicians and performers of all genres. MII help to develop expertise by providing artistic, financial and practical resources to selected projects and we arrange for our partners to have flexible frameworks around their creative expression.

We are an experienced team who understand the requirements of the developing musical professional. MII help to connect people and environments together to share stories and previous experiences, to learn and to improve. We have a passion for the creative music industry and are a promoter of the values, meaning and effect of music. Our ideals and values are present in our visual communication and our film and video production is an active part of our work and our mission.

Musikk i Innlandet is a socially beneficial company that is fully owned by the Innlandet County Council (Innlandet fylkeskommune) and is financed through public grants. The company’s board is elected by the General Assembly and consists of five members and three alternate members. The company is share-based, and the board is responsible for managing the company in the best possible way with regard to the owners’ interests. Shares in the company can only be owned by the Innlandet County Council. The company is not intended to generate profits for the owners.