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SIWAN is a musical fantasy, born in the aftermaths of the invasion of Iraq. Contrary to the ideology of cultural and religious confrontation and agression, Siwan is all about co-existence. Departing from Jon Balkes compositions over the poetry of Al-Andalus, the orchestra weaves lines of communication between master musicians from Iran, Algeria, Turkey, USA and Europe. Siwan features: Mone Boutchebak vocals and quitra, Derya Turkan Kemenche, Jon Balke keyboards, Bjarte Eike violin, Pedram Khavarzamini Tombak, Helge Norbakken percussion, and the fabolous Barokksolistene string group.

The group´s third album Hafla on ECM records sadly coincides with the atrocities in Ukraine, thus making the history of Siwan framed by two meaningless wars , based on blatant lies and forgery. Which understates strongly the political intention of the project.

Featured in the video from Rudi Gard:
Keys: Jon Balke
Quitra & vokal; Mona Boutchebak
Fiolin; Bjarte Eike
Perkusjon; Helge Norbakken
Kemenche; Derya Turkan
Tombak; Pedram Khavarzamini
Vokal, bratsj; Per Buhre
Kontrabass; Johannes Lundberg
Cello; Øyvind Gimse
Cello: Mime Brinkmann
Bratsj: Angelika Faber Karsrud
Bratsj: Jon Sønstebø
Fiolin: Elisabeth Lie
Fiolin: Johannes Liebig

Video stage design: Ellinor Myskja Balke
Live Sound production : Nils Harald Mæhlum (US): David Bruggink:

”Hafla is an enthralling document of cross-cultural collaboration, of distinctive artistic voices presenting a singular, compelling vision”.

Le Monde, France:
“Un album d´un melancholie belle et penetrante”

Siwan – Hafla is a celebration of an amalgamation of many cultures and styles. The Middle Eastern influence is exotic, and the multiple languages add richness. Balke’s music vision is concise and transfers beautifully to this tapestry of colors and emotions.

Man glaubt sich in einem musikalischen Niemandsland zu befinden, das jedoch vertraut und organisch klingt. Es greifen Melodien und Rhythmen, Gesänge und Instrumentalmusik, erratische Harmonien, Kunstlieder und Straßenkolorit wie von selbst ineinander. Hier umkreisen uns Klanglandschaften von ebenso karger wie sinnlich aufreizender Ästhetik. Und über allem der sirenische Gesang Mona Boutchebaks.

Financial Times:
Hafla centres on the words of an 11th-century Umayyad princess of Cordoba, Wallada bint al-Mustakfi, and of her lover Ibn Zaydun, Al-Andalus’s greatest poet. Wallada was criticised by imams but beloved by her fellow poets, not least Ibn Zaydun, who she encountered at a poetry competition and with whom she had a clandestine and ultimately doomed relationship.
All compositions by Jon Balke
Video stage design: Ellinor Myskja Balke
Live Sound production : Nils Harald Mæhlum
Sound recording: Jon Marius Fløtre

VIDEO: Musikk i Innlandet
Kunstnerisk leder, MII – Solbjørg Tveiten
Director / Producer, concert video – Elisabeth Nord